Monday, February 5, 2018

Reflection Connection: February

February is the month of pastel hearts, cupid's arrows and little treats to show you care. In the spirit of love and all things wonderful, this month's Reflection Connection gives us an opportunity to consider what we love most about being an educator. Some of us are definitely in difficult positions or are dealing with a lot of stress at work. Still, it's important to regularly reflect on the positive aspects of life to keep everything in perspective. :)
Question: What do you love most about being an educator?
My Response: I love so many aspects about being an educator that it's pretty hard to choose just one! I love finding and designing lessons that make history come alive for my students and I'm very blessed to have supportive teammates and colleagues who collaborate to create engaging activities and a positive atmosphere. Most of all, I love working with students to instruct them in historical content and teach them life and social skills that they can use in the years to come. Middle school can be a confusing and exciting time in a young person's life. I'm thrilled that I get to guide them along in their journey, even if for just a brief time.
Now it's your turn. Leave your response in the comments below or write it into your reflection journal!

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