Monday, February 19, 2018

8 Amazing Blogs for Middle School Teachers

These blogs are always on my reading list because they're filled with a wealth of information and resources for middle school teachers and homeschool groups!
I'm Lovin' Lit

Erin's blog is filled with great ideas for middle school language arts teachers. I love her tips on using interactive notebooks and her general advice on being successful in a middle school classroom. She always has wise words to offer her readers!

Secondary Sara

Sara writes about all things reading and language arts on her blog. As a social studies teacher, I love using her blog to gain helpful tips on creating engaging writing activities for my own students and learning about ways I can support the ELA teacher on my team.

Maneuvering in the Middle

Noelle is a math teacher extraordinaire! Her blog is chock-full of ideas to engage students in math class. Her website is beautifully designed and her content is relevant and insightful. She even has posts that appeal to teachers who teach other subjects, like this one that I love: 12 Creative Incentives for Middle School. Your math colleagues will thank you for passing it along to them!

Stephanie's History Store Blog

Stephanie's blog is perfect for middle school social studies teachers. She has tips on teaching kids in middle grades and writes about fun and engaging ideas for history classes. I loved her blog post about analyzing historical images!

The Science Duo

Beyond a beautifully designed blog, The Science Duo are known for writing tons of helpful posts specifically for science teachers in secondary grades. I love their idea for a domino review game - it's definitely a post I'm passing along to my friends in science class!

Brainy Apples

Heather's blog is designed for teachers looking to go the extra mile for their students. You can feel her passion for teaching exploding from her posts. Although she writes about a variety of subject matters, one of my go-to posts is about using primary sources in the classroom. She brought up a lot of important points that every social studies and language arts teacher should read, in my opinion! We should all strive to use more primary sources in our units. :)
The Cult of Pedagogy

Jennifer's blog is a powerhouse of content for teachers and administrators. I could spend hours pouring over the posts on her blog. One area in particular that I find unique and relevant are her posts on educator collaboration. I firmly believe that by working together, teachers can create resources of the highest quality. Collaboration can be really tough...but it can also be one of the most beautiful experiences on campus.

Minds in Bloom

Rachel's blog is well-known for creating helpful content for teachers in many grade levels and always features stellar blog posts from guest writers. From parent involvement in the classroom to novel ideas to excite kids in pretty much every subject in school, Rachel's blog is a great resource for every middle school teacher.

If you think I need to add a blog to my reading list, please leave me a message in the comments section!

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