Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Best YouTube Videos for Teaching the Revolutionary War

I always get so excited when I find YouTube videos that supplement my lessons perfectly. Some are funny others are purely informational but all the ones I choose fit specific parameters that I'm looking for in a particular lesson.
The Revolutionary War is one of my favorite topics to teach because I find that era of American History so fascinating! I love finding ways to bring the content to life in my classroom and brief videos help students to learn in engaging ways.
Here are my favorite YouTube videos for teaching about the Revolutionary War (in no particular order).

Soomo Publishing: Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration

This is a staple favorite in my classroom to segue from the causes of the Revolutionary War to the war itself. It's very well produced and has some great symbolism. The kids LOVE it! 
Disney Educational Productions: Schoolhouse Rock! The Shot Heard Round the World

I think it's safe to say that we've all seen this one before, right? I remember watching it when I was in school! It is geared towards younger students but I still think it's a fun way to reinforce the battles of Lexington and Concord. I usually show it at the end of class when we finish learning about those battles. The kids think the tune is catchy and (surprisingly!) several in each class have never seen it. I guess that means I'm old. ;)
Crash Course U.S. History: The American Revolution
Personally, I really like Crash Course videos. They're clever, thoughtful and informational. These videos are great for older students - definitely high school and even gifted middle school students, as well. I've shown them to 8th grade students and several understood it (John Green speaks really fast). When in doubt, I post them to my class website so that students can access them at home.
Civil War Trust: The Entire Revolutionary War
I LOVE this YouTube video! It goes through many major events of the Revolutionary War and feels very cinematic. I don't show the entire video at once. Rather, I show it section at a time to correspond with our studies. The whole video is just under 20 minutes but each section is approximately less than 5 minutes (sometimes shorter).
The Civil War Trust also has great 4 minute videos that highlight specific topics related to the Civil War. Click HERE to visit their YouTube playlist.
Kristina Edgar: American Revolution Episodes
Kristina makes learning about the American Revolution extra fun. She creates clever and engaging videos that are PERFECT for middle school students. They're informational and humorous.  A perfect combination for that age group.
To Win a War, You Need a Plan
Parliament Taking All My Dough
Declaration of Independence
I hope these help you jumpstart some fun lessons on the Revolutionary War!
Happy Teaching!

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