Sunday, October 19, 2014

Keep Calm and LOVE Interactive Notebooks

A few years ago, I heard whispers of interactive notebooks. Over the past several months, those whispers grew louder and those activities kept popping up everywhere! I am a huge proponent of using foldable activities with my students to help them organize their information. When I saw interactive notebooks in action...I was smitten!

Interactive notebooks are designed to provide students with the means of organizing research and activities in an interactive way. When I started designing my own this year, my goal was to make them simple and effective for other teachers to use as well. I've been a busy little bee ever since!

As a teacher, I crave flexibility. I need to have resources that I can tailor to fit the needs of my students. With that thought in mind, I love interactive notebooks that guide my instructional focus, yet leave me free to customize it for my own classroom!

I'm currently working my way through the exciting world of ancient civilizations. Most recently, I've added the Ancient Egypt Interactive Notebook to The Teacher's Prep store on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Cool Fact:
ALL of the Interactive Notebooks on The Teacher's Prep are 20% off today and tomorrow!
Happy Teaching!

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