Monday, March 5, 2018

Reflection Connection: March

Ah, March, how I love your warm days and the promises of Spring Break...but oh how I grumble at the thought of the busy testing season that lies ahead. In April the testing season begins in earnest, and no matter how confident I feel, there's still this little nagging voice that whispers, "Are we ready?" I think it's just latent testing anxiety that originated in my youth, but nevertheless, it persists. That brings us to our reflection of the month: 

Question: What anxiety are you feeling? What steps are you taking to find life's positive moments?

My Response: At this point in the school year, any anxiety I'm feeling usually centers around the hectic schedule of testing and end-of-the-year activities. (Yes, I know it's only March, but the calendar is already starting to fill up and planning for class activities takes time!) Thankfully I have wonderfully supportive colleagues that share equally in the planning process and greatly reduce any anxiety I'm feeling. During the busy testing season, I also take time to stop and make sure my students know how proud I am of their work throughout the school year and try to create moments where we celebrate their accomplishments and growth. Above all, I make sure that my students see none of the stress I may be feeling. They are incredible individuals that work hard to succeed every day. I know that they already put pressure on themselves to succeed on the state tests - even when the adults around them reassure that all will be well. My goal for March is to make sure I find the time to celebrate the positive moments of each school day amidst the hectic schedule of the school year as it marches towards the lazy days of Spring Break and summer vacation.

Now it's your turn! Share your response in the comments or write it in your own reflection journal.

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