Tuesday, June 27, 2017

All About Me Locker Foldable

My mind is already starting to ponder activities for the first week of school. It feels partly crazy since it's only June, but mostly exciting because I'm kind of obsessed with the Back to School season.

I wrote another blog post about my plans for the first week of school last year and I plan to use many of the same ideas this year...with the addition of the "All About Me Locker Foldable"!

It's designed for ultimate customization by each student. I'm going to encourage them to decorate their locker door with drawings, stickers, pictures, etc. to really showcase their personalities. They'll also write their name on the door.

Inside the locker foldable is a series of shelves with various topics and questions for students to answer. With the addition of color and drawings, these lockers will truly give my kiddos an inside look into the interests of their peers!

There are three different locker interiors to really engage my students. I plan on creating a fun bulletin board display with all the lockers. I'm already envisioning the kids crowding around it to open the lockers and read about their classmates!

You can find this new resource in my TpT store here. I think it would also be a fun activity for teachers. How cute would this look like on the bulletin board in the staff lounge?! It's always fun learning new facts about our colleagues. :)

~The Teacher's Prep

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