Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ancient Rome Graphic Organizers

When studying Ancient Rome in school you know you'll be covering a lot of ground! Covering a span of hundreds of years in a matter of weeks is no easy feat...and that's why I am in LOVE with these interactive notebook activities! 

Here's what's included in this new resource:
1. Cover Page
2. Two vocabulary activities
3. The Geography of Rome (tabs for land features and water features)
4. The Origins of Rome (tabs for the Trojan Aeneas and Romulus and Remus stories)
5. Patricians vs. Plebeians (tabs to compare and contrast these two groups)
6. Branches of Government (tabs for recording information about the consuls, Senate and the Assembly)
7. Roman Law vs. U.S. Law (a Venn Diagram to compare similarities and differences between the laws of past and present)
8. The Punic Wars (a 4 tab foldable to record the who, where, when, and why of the wars)
9. The End of the Republic (tabs for rich vs. poor, Roman politics, and the rise of Julius Caesar)
10. The First Triumvirate (pockets for Crassus, Pompey, and Julius Caesar)
11. Famous Romans (record information about Julius Caesar, Pompey, Mark Antony, and Octavian)
12. Emperor Augustus (record information about his rise to power and his accomplishments)
13. The Pax Romana (5 tab flipbook to record information about the 5 "good emperors"
14. Roman Contributions (an accordion flipbook for scientific, art, architectural, and theatrical contributions)
15. The End of the Empire (trace the causes that led to the fall of the Empire, including politics, invasions, and the economy)
16. Two maps of ancient Rome (one map has some items labeled while the other is blank!)

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Happy Teaching!
P.S. Have you seen this awesome video on YouTube? It's a flyover of Ancient Rome and my kids loved it! Sooo much cheaper than time-travel this days...and less field trip paperwork! ;)

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